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Meet the Designer: DamnitBennett

Bennett Newsome (Aka DamnitBennett) is Twitch partner, specializing in FPS and general gaming. Bennett is Co-owner of Arcadian Glitch &, a Destiny 2 website, and Co-host to XurWatch. A weekly twitch show that welcomes in Xur, a destiny2 exotic salesman's arrival. Outside of streaming, he's works full time at Full Sail University. Bennett's current position has him serving as an Esports Strategist, helping to grow and build Full Sail's esports culture. Both through support and strategy for the school's official collegiate team Armada and by using his knowledge and experience to help develop esports industry connections. When he’s not at work or streaming, he can be found kicking back with his wife Alycia and their dog, Marty St. McFly. 

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